Work environment

"Cultural competence is a lifelong project".

Pamela A. Hays, PhD, of Soldotna, Alaska

Company culture 
(an article by JobTeaser)
"When job hunting, you often see phrases like ‘company culture’ or ‘company values’ in job ads and on company profiles. It can be a little bit confusing. And you might not  see the connection between a company culture and your enjoyment working there. Here’s why should be".
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33 Tips on Working
in Multicultural Teams

"Do you work in a culturally diverse team? Well, we know very well that sometimes cultural differences can cause some challenges. This is normal; very normal. With a litte awareness and a touch of effort, many cultural difficulties can be overcome. If you're part of a multicultural team and looking for positive ways to make some changes, then this is the place for you! We're going to share 33 invaluable tips with you. These will help improve communication, collaboration, trust and team-spirit".
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